About Us

Our History
Methodical Inc. was founded in 2002 as an information technology and services company,   focused on conducting HIPAA compliance audits for provider clinics (HIPAA Ready LLC until March 2011).   During this period, Methodical did EDI development work for the Veterans Administration as part of a larger system re-hosting project. This re-hosting project was cancelled at the end of 2005, which opened up the opportunity for Methodical to assist in implementing portions of project code that could be salvaged.  In the process, Methodical created an important new product for the VA called the eTrans Repository.  The custom-designed eTrans Repository soon replaced an off-the-shelf product that had marginally allowed the VA to accept electronic claims. This success paved the way for future projects within several areas of the Veterans Administration.

Our Mission Statement
At Methodical we strive to provide world-class systems and business analysis, software design, software development and implementation services to accelerate our client’s ability to implement business solutions.

Our Commitment
Our commitment is to foster trusted relationships with our clients as we guide them in our analysis and development work toward regulatory compliance and claims processing improvements.  We focus on these efforts in a reliable and timely fashion, with minimum disruption to their existing systems.

Our Experience
Methodical has become a premier software analysis and development contracting group for the Veterans Administration because of its expertise and performance in every phase of software development.  We are known for completing projects on time and within budget.