Methodical Inc. offers a full range of professional services that enable clients to accelerate their key business objectives.  Our highly skilled team has the healthcare business intelligence and experience to offer solutions that advance your business.  All our services culminate in “best in class” documentation and knowledge transfer, allowing our clients to quickly assimilate changes into their environment.  Whether we engage in delivery of one or all of our services, we work with our clients and their systems for a timely, well-tested, and successful result.    

Services include Systems and Business Analysis, Software Design, Software Development and Implementation. 

Systems and Business Analysis: 
Our systems and business analysis service includes collaborative requirements elicitation with our clients as we research, analyze, document and communicate the requirements of system and business functions.  We focus on gaining understanding of business issues and recommend appropriate technical solutions, while working within the designated structured methodology for software development.  We provide the technical and functional specifications as a basis for the development and programming of system components (e.g., databases, extract files, programs, applications) across multi-platfom distributed systems or mainframe environments.

Software Design: 
Our software design service models existing systems against a new or modified system, from high level components, flows, and processes to program-level changes in collaboration with the client.  The result is an architectural design that reuses existing components where it makes sense and recommends new components for the enhanced solution. 

Software Development:
Our software development service combines the long-term planning and requirements-driven development of traditional Waterfall models of software development with the incremental and iterative development and testing of the Agile approach, enabling the progressive delivery of project installments that have gained user acceptance and met client needs. We can often minimize the impacts of development on legacy systems through the deployment of our own data transfer and transformation layer for new data needs and the development of system "bypasses" for new processing and user interfaces. This approach enables the client to take advantage of new technology, while maintaining the integrity of its legacy system through incremental modification and replacement.

Our implementation service is comprehensive.  We are experts in regulatory and industry standards and always guide and evaluate our own work with those standards in mind.  We test in development and quality assurance environments continually and redevelop as needed, offering deliverables to our clients for iterative review.  Final system and user acceptance testing employ realistic scenarios that simulate the production environment.  We conduct systematic training, provide detailed transition documents for turnkey deployment by the client, and continue to monitor the system for a period of time to provide transition support.  Implementation Services deliver a quality, on-time and on-budget implementation, with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.